Rasayana / Rejuvenation Treatment

It is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy to restore the vitality of the body to its maximum capacity. Rasayana helps maintain youth and keeps you physically and mentally fit for many years. In ancient India, people who used this therapy have said to have lived for more than a hundred years.

The benefits of Rasayana

Rasayana therapy makes you feel young and energetic, improves the body condition and gives you glowing skin, improves the quality of sleep, memory and concentration, clarifies the voice, improves the capacities of the sensory organs: eyes, nose, tongue, ears and sexual organs, the immunity of the body increased to resist any common disease and last but not least, it improves the strength of the body and calms the mind.

For whom?

This treatment is suggested for People suffering from the following problems or diseases: stress, insomnia, shallow breathing, rough and dry skin, weak senses and sexuality, weakness of appetite, weak memory, chronic digestive problems, constipation, migraine ,obesity and lack of concentration. But it is not necessary to have health issues to enjoy the Rasayana Rejuvenation Therapy. If you are looking at increasing your vitality and having a fresh and energetic body, then this is the therapy for you.

The duration of the treatment is 15 to 21 days.