Supportive chemo or radiotherapy treatments
After chemo and radio therapy, it is important to do a cleansing treatment. The treatment of cancer in Ayurveda is very intense and holistic in its approach. Ayurveda treats the disease according to the specific nature of the patient, the aggravated bodily energies and based on how the condition of the affected tissue . The treatment not only focuses on the area of ​​malignancy but throughout the system, since the entire organism must return to harmony so that the disease is treated permanently and not occur elsewhere. The body must be cleansed of the toxins that cause the cells to attack the body. The treatment includes the administration of blood cleansing herbs along with the adoption of a detoxifying diet. Circulatory stimulant herbs are also prescribed to promote circulation, change blood stagnation, increase efficient elimination of toxins, and aid tissue healing. To restore immunity, herbs and minerals are given to increase the strength of debilitated patients.

A crucial part of the treatment is the relaxation of the mind. The suppression of emotion or emotional stagnation is a significant causative factor and an obstacle to the effective treatment of this condition. The patient needs to heal at the deepest level of his individuality. Meditation, yoga, Pranayama and the study of spiritual philosophy are recommended as support in this aspect of personal healing.

The holistic methods of Ayurveda for the treatment of cancer include:

• Abstinence from food and lifestyle that causes imbalance of tridosha (vata, pitta, kapha).

• Eliminating toxins through Panchakarma.

• Restoration of healthy functions of jatharagni (digestive power).

• Rejuvenation through rasayanas.

• Ayurvedic preparations can act as an adjuvant or co-therapy along with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. – It is also useful in postoperative care.

• Ayurvedic medicines help minimize the side effects of these therapies.

It takes 28 days of minimum treatment.

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