five cleansing therapies
Panchakarma consists of five ayurvedic cleansing therapies that will help you to eliminate the toxins from the body while balancing the doshas.
After an individual examination of both the constitution and the affections of each person, Panchakarma treatment begins always under close medical supervision.

It is a drug-induced emesis therapy that helps purify the upper intestinal tract. It has proven to be very useful in treatments.

A purgative therapy with medication with marked purifying effects of the body toxins accumulated in the lower intestinal tract. This treatment is very effective in pitta-type conditions.

1) Bastis are purifying treatments that help to eliminate other degenerative disorders of the vata type.
2) A wide variety of bastis is applied according to the needs of the patients, they are soft herbal enemas such as sneha basti, which uses medicinal oils, or the kashaya basti, based on medicinal infusions.

It consists of medicinal herbs administered by inhalation and vapors to clean the breasts, eliminate excess mucus and other potential toxins from the cranial and cervical regions, very effective in allergies, migraines, headaches, etc.
Blood purification: a carefully controlled therapy of the affected areas in order to neutralize the toxins that cause diseases of the blood and skin.
The monsoon season is the best time to undergo Panchakarma, an annual treatment for cleaning the body and the expulsion of the physical and mental toxins accumulated in the organs and tissues. Contrary to common belief, diseases do not appear suddenly, but they are preceded by specific signs. Symptoms such as heartburn, constipation, frequent colds, headaches, joint pain, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, etc. …, reveal a state of metabolic imbalance and the presence of toxins in the body. If we do not eliminate these toxins from our body, these symptoms can turn into diseases. To prevent these, it is necessary to purify the body undergoing a full Panchakarma treatment.

 Reasons why the Panchakarma should be performed in a clinic or hospital in India:
• Treatments and natural medicines administered to patients by our physicians are customized according to imbalances of the doshas of each individual. These treatments are carefully prepared by our Vaidyas in our pharmacies and their validity is limited to a few days.
• Diets during Panchakarma are strict which requires careful monitoring by our medical team in house. Throughout the process of Panchakarma, ayurvedic physicians conduct rigorous follow ups.

Who can receive Panchakarma?
All healthy individuals should receive Panchakarma annually for 3 weeks. Classical texts such as Vagbhata clearly show that everyone needs it. It is imperative for people recovering treatment for long periods with antibiotics and also for women after the menopause transition.

Benefits of Panchakarma?
Some benefits demonstrated by scientific studies:
• Increases the capacity of detoxification of the liver.
• Decreases risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
• Improves blood pressure.
• Increases by 80% the level of intestinal peptide that acts as a vasodilator after three months of treatment.
• Decreases levels of total cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol by 7.5%.
• Reduces stress, fatigue, states of depression and anxiety after 10 weeks of treatment.
• Increases vitality, endurance of the body.

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